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The ratings are in [Feb. 22nd, 2005|01:23 pm]
Team Saginaw!


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Well boys and girls the ratings are in for the great movie I.... hmmm we put together. The movie grosed over 300 billion dollars but for all you guys that appeared in it , you should have payed closer attention to the contract. Appearntly you signed all your pay over to me..... bummer guys and gals. But on a lighter note it won 15 oscars and they made 20 new ones for it so in all 35 oscars. Hey don't be down about the money give yourselves a pat on the back you all did a really good job. Now there is going to be a sequel and I won't need any of your help I think I'll get Collin Farrel to play the part of Joplomon. Dan if your still out there you can be in this one as the gay fish/dog named Hummer.

Well ladies and gentlemen until next time
The owner of greenlnd James "THE BEAUTIFUL" Bell

[User Picture]From: zel660
2005-02-22 11:50 am (UTC)
tsk tsk tsk well look who came crawling back to big poppa listen here son you could of had everything but you pissed it all away now whos face is blue And I have the proof. All the oscars are liined up in my room I'll send you a picture
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