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Team Saginaw!

We Are Awsome!

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We are a tightly knitted crew from Saginaw MI. We are so awsome, I don't think I could put in to words how awsome we are, so seriously just take my word for it. Most of us attend or attended Heritage High School. We were really awsome there to and totally ruled that place. Some of our weaker members come from places like Carollton and other places around Saginaw.

I guess if you are a girl I should tell you that most of us like traditional "nerdy" things like Comics, Video Games, and Anime. So if your a girl you might not want to post here because we might scare you and then you will tell your boyfriends or other strong athletic types to kick our asses.

Actually if you a girl you can join, you might just have to clear it with Ricky first.